Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You are playing with fire!

Perhaps, the above mentioned title is the last thing one may want to hear from others, at least the last thing you want to hear from your head of department.

So this is what my immediate was telling us before the meeting:

Try to use all the possitive words when you are talking to him. The moment he increases his volume, you should stop talking and listen to him. If he starts to scold you, you just keep quite, let him scold.

"You are playing with fire!" ,said my Head of Department.

He said this to me, in front of the rest of the team, right after 1 to 2 minutes after i started the opening of my campaigns performance review, way before the actual performance were shared.

You should look at your own face after I showed you the forecast result until the end of this year.

Next time you want to scold me again, scold me with facts and figures. Don't fire me just because you can, or you want to.


Xweing said...

Although I dunno wat u r talking about, but... jia you... :-)

Xweing said...

and don't let the bad things drag u down!

Joseph said...

Thanks Xweing...thanks for being here...